About SAISUA Scholarship

Support Association for International Students of the University of Aizu (SAISUA) criteria for scholarship funding include the following:


A) Eligibility:

  1. An international full-time regular undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Aizu whose residence status is “College Student”
  2. Not currently receiving a scholarship of more than 50,000 yen per month
  3. Demonstrated high academic achievement


B) Scholarship support:

30,000 yen/month support for six months


C) Application procedure:

Prepare a document file explaining as detailed as possible why you need to apply for this scholarship, and get a letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your work. You can download a format of letter of recommendation from here. Then, access this page to apply for our scholarship, and fill out that application form. Both the above documents and application form must be written in English. Submit the application form and the document explaining the reasons you are applying from that page. Your supervisor should send a sealed letter of recommendation directly to Professor Villegas via A.L.O.


D) Payment procedure:

  1. Selected students will be informed as soon as a decision is made.
  2. The scholarship will be paid in two installments of equal amount. The first installment will be directly given a beneficiary after selection notice of (1.) is sent out. The second installment will be paid during the last month of the scholarship term provided that the beneficiary has honored the obligations stipulated in literal E).


E) Obligations of scholarship recipients

Each beneficiary of a SAISUA scholarship must participate in at least two events related to internationalization-oriented or local community-oriented activities during the term of the scholarship. Such activities might include:

–   Giving an international talk about your country

–   Making a local school visit to talk about your country to schoolchildren

–   Giving a campus tour to visitors

–   Working at an international booth or activity during the Campus Festival

–   Attending the bi-annual University Welcome Party to greet new international students

–   Other activities organized by SAISUA and/or the OSIP (Office for Strategy of International Programs) office.